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Informal Procedure

Mediation is a swift, flexible and informal process for resolving a dispute, typically involving meetings between the parties and private sessions in which each can discuss the dispute with the mediator confidentially, over the course of a day.    


Impartial Person

The mediator is a neutral third party, usually with experience in the legal and/or commercial sector of the dispute, who will assist the parties to settle their dispute without imposing an outcome on them like a judge or an arbitrator would. 


The whole process is completely confidential and “without prejudice” so that all options for settlement can be explored without affecting either side’s case if the matter ultimately ends up in Court. 

Individual Participation

Although lawyers are often involved, the focus is on the commercial and practical needs of the individuals or companies involved, who are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they wish in the joint and private sessions.    

What is mediation?

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