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Inexpensive Process

Mediation is very cost-effective, typically lasting 1 day, with a short period of preparation in advance.  It can resolve disputes of any scale, which could take many days or weeks to resolve in Court or through arbitration at great expense.     


Immense Potential

Mediation can not only settle an existing legal dispute, but can also resolve other areas of disagreement between the parties and prevent future disputes by assisting them to reach agreement on whatever aspects of their existing and future relationship they wish. 

Infinite Possibilities

A court-imposed outcome is limited to damages, an injunction or other specific relief which a Judge has jurisdiction to grant.  There is no limit to what can be agreed through mediation: parties can think creatively with the mediator’s assistance, and tailor an outcome to their specific needs, for example, by re-structuring their relationship, arranging an ongoing licence, or agreeing special payment terms. 

Identifiable Progress

About 80% of cases settle at mediation or soon afterwards.  But even if settlement is not possible, useful progress is often made and the areas of dispute narrowed, since the process encourages fuller understanding of the other side’s position and better evaluation of one’s own case.     

Why mediate?

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