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Inclusive Price

Guy’s mediations are typically arranged on the basis of an inclusive fixed fee for preparation (reading the parties’ mediation statements and core documents) and attendance at the mediation (up to 6pm on the day).  He is of course happy to spend longer preparing for or attending the mediation, which can be arranged at an additional hourly rate.  

Important Points

Inquiries are welcome from anyone who is a party to an existing or potential dispute; but, since mediation requires agreement from all parties, bookings cannot be made without confirmation from all parties, who will generally agree to share the costs of the mediation between them.  A mediation agreement (which will be provided) must be signed by all parties, with authority to settle the dispute, before the mediation.    

Please use the form below to contact Guy and his clerks, who will be happy to respond with more information about prices and availability.

How do I learn more?

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